Big Boy SPG160 Industrial Electric Insect Killer

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Only available for export sales

A large commercial unit. Very effective in killing flies and mosquitoes and covers over 4ha of parks, gardens, farms and mines etc.

  • Totally weather proof with powerful light and heavy duty power transformer
  • Solid steel frame ‘built to last’ construction – we only use the best quality components
  • Unlike chemicals, insects can not become resistant to electrocution
  • The largest (known) industrial electric insect killer in the world
  • 3 Year Warranty – longest known Insect killer Warranty in the world (tube & starters not incl.)
  • Compared to many competitors our products have the most effective insect killing rates in the world
  • Perfect for all super large parks, gardens, lake areas and golf courses etc
  • Our unique ultra violet “Black light” tubes are one of the most effective “insect attracting” tubes on the market – many cheaper brands typically use inferior tubes that attract fewer insects
  • No cheap inferior plastic parts that break down with ultra violet light or sunlight
  • Kills mosquitoes and a wide range of other insect

Ideal for very large outdoor areas such as parks, gardens, mine sites, golf courses etc. Fully weather proof