Flytrap 60 Indoor Sticky Pad Insect killer

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Starkeys Flytraps 60 covers an area of over 180m2.

  • NO noise, NO smell, NO debris, NO pollution and NO chemicals
  • 3 Year Warranty – longest known Insect killer Warranty in the world (tubes & starters not incl.)
  • Compared to many competitors our products have the most effective insect killing rates in the world
  • Ideal for restaurants kitchens, medium size shops, food canteens & hospital kitchens
  • Fully compliant with all required Australian and European certiϐied safety standards
  • Our unique ultra violet “Black light” tubes are one of the most effective “insect attracting” tubes on the market – many cheaper brands typically use inferior tubes that attract fewer insects.
  • Shatterproof globes also available – they give full protection against glass fragments falling into food
  • We don’t use inferior plastic parts that break down with ultra violet light or sunlight
  • Yellow attractant adhesive degradable sticky pad ( replace approx. every month)
  • Its versatile – use one side or both – Its clean and effective

Ideal for all restaurants, cafes, food halls One of our most effective models in trapping & killing unwanted flying insects. Used in many 5 star hotels/resorts worldwide