WebTrap Glue Pad Insect Killer

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Modern slim profile – Brilliant NEW DESIGN – Easy access to replace glue pad & UV tube.

  • Unique Starkeys Australian Design with slim modern profile
  • Full 3 Year Warranty (not incl. ballast & tubes)
  • High quality thick black glue pad that discreetly hides trapped insects from view
  • Unit can be reverse mounted so ‘easy access’ glue pad tray can slide downwards
  • Very effective in trapping a wide range of flying insects including hard to catch fruit flies
  • Meets CE and Australian safety standards
  • Can be easily fixed to wall or sit on bench/fridge or cabinet using s/steel stand
  • Glue Pad is a specially formulated European adhesive glue pad that will not melt or run
  • Easy to open front flaps to replace UV black lights
  • Easy to change Glue Pad with slide out tray
  • High quality electronic ballast to reduce energy demands giving lower running costs
  • Glue pad will need replacing approx. once every 4 to 6 weeks

Ideal for all restaurants, cafes, food halls & large home kitchens